Muffin’s Colo Upgrade


So a lot of you read and enjoyed my colocation post a while back and since then things have been going well.

I’ve used the colo’d host pretty heavily and it’s been serving me great for what I needed it for, my public facing applications have never been happier. I have since deployed cool things like an entire VDI infrastructure there which has been awesome, I’ve pretty much managed to ditch my desktop and use my MacBook Pro along with my Windows & Linux VDI machines with minimal lag, it’s been great.

Recently, however, I have been running dangerously low on storage and upgrades need to be done to accommodate the new use cases I’ve brought to the host.  The following post will be my adventures into kitting the host out as best I can for the workloads I am throwing at it, in the ‘muffin fashion’ of hobbling shit together until it works.

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Muffin Goes Colo

It’s colo time baby!

So for a while now I have been toying with the idea of putting my own hardware up in ‘the cloud’ but due to the enormous prices for a homelabber I decided against it many times but now, however, I found a deal that was too good to pass up (considering UK/EUR pricing) and pulled the trigger.

Muffin, why on earth do you need to colo?

So as happy as I am running all my services at home in my lab I have had difficulty at times with uptime for things I actually care about. Take this blog for instance, at the time of writing this post, this blog lives on a borrowed server because moving house has meant I have had to completely take everything offline, move, and ensure everything works as it did before. Having services like this blog in a colo alleviates a lot of this. (By the time you guys are reading this all those 1s and 0s should be coming from my colo!)

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Getting Started with VMware’s ESXi

Virtualization is awesome. It’s been the standard for enterprises for many years and although containers are gaining interest, virtual machines remain the go-to for any business; you’d be either crazy or incompetent not to go down this route in most scenarios. This post will go through the very basics of setting up and using ESXi.

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